Howard C. Parker
5126 Lakeview Avenue
P O Box 2129
Yorba Linda, CA  92885-1329
Hm: 714-777-7157
Wk: 714-970-2688
Fax: 714-970-0467

Age: 53, married for 13 years with 2 children
Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business experience:

Office & Network Computer Related:

  • Personal computers beginning in 1979 with CP/M based systems, then on to IBM PC types in 1983 and some experience with MAC
  • Novell Netware & NT LAN and WAN networks including installation, configuration and maintenance 
  • Ethernet, Token Ring, Arcnet, 10Base2, 10BaseT, 100BaseT, AS/400 interface, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX 
  • DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Netware 2.x,3.x & 4.x, and OS/2 operating systems 
  • MS Office, Perfect Office, AmiPro, MS Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Lotus and various publishing, graphics, CAD, remote site, browser, email and authoring software
  • Accounting software packages including very simple check writing software, double entry accounting modules and specialized manufacturing, church and other industry specific accounting packages.  Peachtree, Quicken, QuickBooks, CYMA, Great Plains, Shelby, ACS, Shepard, and custom written software.
  • Graduate of numerous training seminars, conferences and classes taught by Novell, Borland, Microsoft, Peachtree, IBM, Lotus and others. 
  • Designed, setup, registered and maintain over 70 web sites, names and pointers for clients including email, forms, e-commerce, credit card verification, database, shopping cart, chat and clips for audio and /or video. 
  • Experience in registering sites in search engines, banners, advertising web site buttons, and configuring promotional rotation systems for best exposure and hits per site.
Teaching, Training, Demo and Support: 
  • Experience in teaching large groups, demos and individual training in the operation of software and computer equipment and in the use of technical and audio equipment. 
  • Designed and conducted various types of training including the use of computer software, hardware setup, configuration and maintenance, software installation, accounting basics as related to computer software, and LAN management. 
  • Developed and taught "Sound Shop", an audio training seminar, from 1974 to 1983 in hundreds of churches nationwide
  • Authored the 300 page Sound Shop Manual, which is still used by the owner of that company in his seminars.
  • Published "Sound Facts & Feedback", a monthly newsletter for church music directors and sound technicians on the proper use of equipment and introducing new equipment available for specific applications.
Custom Software: Have written numerous software packages for clients when standard "off-the-shelf" products were not adequate including:
  • specialized inventory & invoicing 
  • TV broadcast scheduling 
  • D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence) court appointed organizations for psychological evaluation, tracking, court notification processes and financial recording and reporting
  • hospital bad debt collection system
  • collection agency systems 
  • mini-storage accounting 
  • limited partnership accounting and reporting 
  • order processing complete with manufacturing inventory projections, Bill of Materials, customer notifications and shipment documentation. 
Accounting and Financials: 
  • Familiar with Balance Sheets, P&L Statements and other financial/accounting reports
  • Experience with specialized church accounting software such as ACS, Shelby and Shepard. 
  • Assist some of my clients in the evaluation of their financial position and reporting for loans, flooring and other financial related requirements.
  • Help in the determination of areas of financial loss and in tracking down computer related employee theft situations
  • Write custom software which relates to their financial situation or position.
  • Experience in conceiving ideas, designing products, and following them through manufacturing, distribution and sales (wholesale and retail). 
  • Experience in taking flawed products, working out modifications to the designs and coordinating changes with engineers, suppliers and sub-contractors for the parts, materials and labor, to the final end products.
Sales:  Experience in sales, consulting, marketing, mass mailings, teaching specialized seminars with a sales emphasis, writing newsletters, convention exhibitions, and media advertising including magazines, publications, radio, TV and Internet.

Work and educational history:

1987 to the present: Owner of Parker & Associates started in Panama City, Florida and now in Yorba Linda, California. A computer consultant focusing on small businesses and churches, specializing in NT and Novell networks, Internet web sites and email, software evaluation, installation and training, custom software development, and procedures related to computer systems and software. (

1983 to the present: President of Aqua-Cycle International, Inc. in Panama City, Florida and now in Yorba Linda, California. ACI is a manufacturer of tricycles to ride on water (Aqua-Cycle) and other water-related products sold worldwide to resort, beach and lake concession operations for rental to the general public. (

1973 to 1983: Owner of Sound Investment Enterprises in Thousand Oaks, California. Consultation, design and installation of church and large auditorium sound systems (speakers, amplifiers, mixers, etc.) and stage lighting systems. SIE was also a computer dealership specializing in hardware and customized software for churches.

1969 to 1976: Continental Singers, a non-profit Christian organization, in Ventura, California. The positions I held were: Road Manager for several traveling groups, Office Manager, Assistant to the President, Treasurer, and finally Vice President. I have continued on their Board of Directors from 1970 to the present. (

1964 to 1969: Student at Biola College (now Biola University) in La Mirada, California with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. (